Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Transformers - This is NOT your Parent's Transformers

It is MUCH BETTER! I am a 31 year old father. My child is a little too young to enjoy Transformers yet, but I do have my old collection waiting for him in the garage. After a little research, I found out that my Transformers are now called Generation 1 or G1 for short. I remember first being interested in Gobots, and then Transformers became my favorite toys.

Back to the movie... This film was incredible! I would easily put it up with Armageddon, Independence Day, and even some of the Star Wars films. Seeing the "Spielberg" name tied to the movie made me wish he would have been involved in the new Star Wars films. It was action packed, had amazing effects, and a very good story.

Marketing wise, Chevy made a splash with the new 2008 Camaro that should make the 007 serious and BMW jealous. I left the theater and headed straight online to find out when that car is coming to the market. The Chevrolet Web site catered directly to me (someone who just left the theater). My only complaint was that the new Camaro mini site did not stand out.

One last note, when I was looking up Movie times, I used my Motorola Q to try to find local times. I was a little disappointed in Google Local, but it did lead me to MrMovieTimes.com. That site is Smartphone friendly. Yahoo Mobile was the best solution I came across. While I a browsing the times, I noticed that the Transformers Movie was playing on a DLP screen. I closely followed the DLP hype of Star Wars III - The Revenge of the Sith. I even saw the movie for a 3rd time in Orlando, FL just because I found it playing on a DLP screen. I did not notice the difference then, but I really noticed the High Definition DLP broadcast of The Transformers. I could not recommend enough watching it in a state of the art DLP theater!

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Tiffany Holley said...

I agree. Awesome movie!