Monday, February 18, 2013

A Movie About Google Starring the Wedding Crashers Team? I am in!

I am excited for the new Star Trek Movie.
I am excited for the new Transformers Movie.
I am looking forward to a new Star Wars Movie in the next few years.

Today and I psyched about a Google Movie. I was watching Wedding Crashers on Saturday night and am still amazing by the buddy chemistry between Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Now they are back together and doing a movie about Search (well an internship at Google)! He is a preview:

This movie should provide a lot of insight into our Industry and maybe my Parents and Wife will get it. The funny thing is that my 6 year old and 4 year old sons completely understand what I do everyday.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Coca-Cola's NeuroMarketing Strategy : Sensory Marketing

We are all familiar with the brand "Coca-Cola" and we are also all familiar with the five sense we are all born with; (1) sight, (2) hearing, (3) touch, (4) smell, and (5) taste. What a lot of us don't know is how to use all five of these sense in our marketing techniques. When our body receives information the brain is not the only organ that interprets the information, all of the body translate the message differently depending on its main sensory. When you are trying to appeal to a potential customer you may only be using the bare minimum in "sensory" tactics. By collaborating all five of these senses into your marketing campaign you can redesign your product from a non-seller to a powerhouse. 

Martin Lindstrom (the author of Buyolgy) is a dedicated researcher of sensory marketing. Lindstrom believes that in order for your brand to be successful you must incorporate every sense and treat them as equals. The purpose of this equal incorporation is to design your brand to be recognizable if you deleted one or more senses. 

The five sensory's should be targeting as such:

(1) Sight : logo, product design, color(s), typeface (using the eyes)
(2) Sound : music, product sounds (using the ears)
(3) Taste : product taste, edible favors/gifts (using mouth and tongue)
(4) Smell : environmental aroma, product aroma (using the nose)
(5) Touch : product surface and shape, marketing materials, environment surfaces (using hands, feet, and skin)

This marketing technique of "sensory" targeting should always be kept consistent. The key to building your brand is to make your brand the same in sight, sound, taste, smell and touch at any point in time. 

A perfect example of a sensory targeted brand in Coca-Cola. Let show some examples: 


Although the design of the bottle has slightly changed, you can see that the Coca-Cola scripted logo has been the same since 1899. The design of the bottle has always been so similar that even if you remove the scripted logo, the audience still knows that it is Coca-Cola. 

Coca-Cola has marketed their product with not only the red and white colors with the scripted font, but with the use of the "coke" bottle itself. In its logo design it has targeted the sight of their customers, the taste (the taste same remained the same in 1899), the sound (the pop of the bottle), the smell, and the touch (keeping the shape of the product consistent throughout the years even though the materials may have changed). Coca-Cola is one of the best examples of positive sensory marketing that has shown tremendous branding results. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of watching Joe Laratro present his famous "SEO Diet" at the Florida Direct Marketing Association (FDMA). It was at the Westin Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, gorgeous hotel and awesome presentation! I have received over 30 e-mails since Thursday asking me for a copy of Joe's presentation with very kind and supportive words about Joe. He definitely killed it and inspired so many people! One of the e-mails said "Wow, your presentation was awesome today. It was a whole Pubcon week, all sessions, into 1 hour. A nice wake up call for many including myself."
If you are interested in receiving a full copy of Joe's SEO Diet please send an e-mail to :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Marketing 

With Superbowl XLVII two days away (February 3rd: San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens) it is not just a day that decides the new NFL Champions but it is the largest day in marketing as well. With an average cost of $3.8 Million per every 30 seconds of air time, this is an expensive figure for any company.

For the cost of 30 seconds of Super Bowl advertising, you could buy: 

1. Over a week of Homepage Advertising : AOL, Yahoo! and other larger publishers sell their day-long homepages for an average of $500,000 a day. So for the $3.8 million cost of airtime you could ensure 7+ days of full homepage landing on a large digital media site.

2. Over 100 Million Impressions on Hulu : Hulu sells its video ads for $30 CPM (Cost Per Millions).

3. 200 Pieces of Branded Content : Buzzfeed charges $100k for 4 - 5 pieces of branded content.

4. Be YouTube for a Week : YouTube's homepage ad cost $500,000 a day.

5. 1 Month of Twitter's Trend Topic: Promoting Trending Topics on Twitter sells for about $120k a day.

6. 50 Million Impressions: Forbes charges $80 CPM for ads, but even with 50 Million Impressions on Forbes this is still only half of the potential audience for a Super Bowl ad.

Although these would options would get attention and drive ROI for your brand, they do not deliver the success that has been measured from Super Bowl Sunday Advertising. 

A survey showed that 36% of Super Bowl Watchers will be using a Mobile Device or Tablet during the game to see sports news and behind-the-scenes commentaries, and that 52% will use social media throughout the game to talk about plays and commercials. 

So here are some ways that you engage an audience on Sunday without a $4 Million dollar invoice from CBS:

  • Tell your audience something new about your company, some breaking news that has a strong call to action from your social platform to your website. Give your viewers something to do with their smart phones or tablets.

  • Try driving your viewers to a "Facebook Contest" where they can engage in  a sweepstakes offered by your company. Giveaways are always a good way of engaging your audience and getting their attention with an incentive. 

  • Use Sharable content; make ads and extensions easily accessible and shareable through Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. These social platforms will be seeing increasing traffic during the game and your brand should be part of the conversation!

  • Focus on a long term connection with your audience. Your ads and digital campaigns should do more than just entertain, they should engage your audience by demonstrating your value for each customer. By valuing each person individually rather than as a group, you make their decision down the road to choose you easier. This can be achieved by sending them to a site with information about yourself and your brand/service. Strive to make them understand that you care about them, not just about sales.

Neuromarketing: What the Brain has to do with Sales

For years, Marketers have always thought the key to sales was the right advertising and SEO. As we have seen in the past 5 years with the growth of technology and the progress of apps, SEO is not where marketing ends. Neuromarketing is the newest and most advance form of marketing that is beginning to surface across the globe. Before the study of Neuromarketing, we would never have associated science with sales. But this is definitely a cup of kool-aid you want to get your hands on.

Research has shown and explained to us throughout school that we only use 10% of our brain. Of the 10% of the brain that we use, 95% of our decisions are made subconsciously. So the majority of businesses, marketers and advertisers are only stimulating 5% of their customers brain. So here are 5 tips to helping you market more towards your clients brains then just your brand:

1. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU : Don't focus about saying how great your product or service is, but tell your customer why your product is right for them. Let your product sell itself and people will come running.

2. GET TO THE POINT :  We live in a society that everything needs to be short, sweet, and to the point. Don't give your potential buyers the run around. They want to know what the product is and WHY THEY should buy it. We are impatient creatures and we don't want our time to be wasted, so sell it short and sweet.

3. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS :  Pintrest monopolized the market by doing less talking and more selling through visuals. What we see connects directly with our unconscious brains, which is exactly what you want to reach. Use pictures whenever possible to help sell concepts quickly and efficiently.

4. STRONG START; CAPTIVATING CLOSE : People usually remember the beginning and the ends of things more than the middle. So make sure that you start and end strong, this can make or break the deal.

5. SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY : Do not be to bold or dramatic, your brain wants simplicity. Statistics have shown that too many options when a person is looking to purchase an item can cut sales dramatically because they get overwhelmed and confused with so many options. Make the decision easy for the customer so they engage in it, and always make them feel like they are making the right choice.

Tandem Interactive Goes Green with a GEM E4 Car

I have been in the market for a street legal golf cart for a year or so. I have always been enamored with the GEM cars. Tandem’s office is right on Las Olas Blvd in Fort Lauderdale and we see these luxury golf carts or simple open air electric cars all day.

After doing a little research I found that Pompano Nissanwas a South Florida GEM Car dealer. A week before Christmas I decided to check it out. I met Bill Clements, the GEM Sales Representative, and test drove my future toy. This particular one was a 2011 model that had not sold. We worked out a price and I was on my way to my big family surprise.

Bill was amazing through the process. Pompano Nissan needs some work in the GEM area, but I think they will get there. They were not prepared with companies to finance the vehicle. I reached out to my old client City County Credit Union. Ashley Dietz, Marketing Manager, led me to Jodi Lyon in their loan department. Jodi was amazing. Working with the bank was amazing. They bent over backwards and even worked late to make sure the financing was in order so I could pick up my GEM the next day! If you need a loan in SouthFlorida for a Car, I would check them out! Since the vehicle is not in the NADA guide, we had to be a little creative with the loan, but the rate was still very good.

I dropped off the payment and watched the car get loaded on the trailer for delivery. There were a few open items with Pompano Nissan. I upgraded the wheels, but we had an issue with whether the lug nuts and center caps were part of the package. They resolved the issue. The title work is taking a little longer than expected, but they promptly printed me a second temporary tag. Pompano Nissan just opened a storefront for the GEM vehicles; I think they will do very well with them. I would highly recommend working with Bill there. He has been invaluable in helping everything get done.

This is a picture of my boys in the GEM Car:


I think this is one of the safest NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) around. I like it better than Street Legal Golf Carts for my kids because of the three point seatbelts and the forward facing seats. We have already put 100 miles on it. I do get some funny looks driving it around town. It is fully battery powered and is incredible for the environment. So that brings me back to it being another step for Tandem Going Green. While it has the range to drive it to work, getting around the Fort Lauderdale airport would be hairy because of the speed. I can totally see having it parked downstairs at some point and having all the employees use it for our snack runs and lunch breaks.