Friday, November 4, 2011

Google + and SEO Rankings

With the popularity of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, it's a common question: How much do these sites impact search results?

For Facebook and Twitter, the impact is slim to none, at least when it comes to Google. Not ironically, Google + does not only make an impact, it makes a huge one. It was only introduced to the Internet in the past few months, but it's already poised to have a significant impact on Google's search engine results.

Facebook does have the advantage of indexing in Bing, but for the most part, Google is a heavily used search engine that both web savvy and web newbies alike utilize. Indexed Twitter results are basically obsolete. But Google + shares? Anything public contributes to your Google results and when they receive a +1, they get even more of a boost.

If you haven't set up a Google + profile, now is the time!