Monday, April 18, 2016

Google Explains How to Rank in Local Search

To further prove that local search is becoming more popular in the digital marketing realm, our digital marketing team at Tandem Interactive has recently learned that Google has expanded their help page on how to rank in local search.

To help you better understand what Google currently considers when providing local search results, we have put together the following overview of how to improve your local ranking according to the Google Support Team:

Ranking in the “Local 3-Pack"

  • In order to rank in the local 3-pack, Google encourages local businesses to have as much listing information complete and correct as possible on their Google My Business page.
  • Steps should be taken to assure your Google My Business page is verified and published.
  • Be sure to complete your business’ listing description using relevant geographically-targeted keywords. Use keywords that will likely match what and where your potential customer is searching for on Google.
  •  Distance will still be taken into account by Google. If a user doesn’t use a specific location in his or her search, Google will display local search results according to what it knows about the user’s current location.
  • Google will likely display prominent locations in its local search results according to a place’s popularity and what is being said about that place across the internet.
  • Online reviews will likely be taken into account when listing local search results by Google. Therefore, local businesses with more reviews and positive ratings will probably have a better position in local search results than businesses with fewer and/or negative ratings.

To learn more about how to rank in Local Search and Local Search Engine Optimization, contact our online marketing firm in Fort Lauderdale, Tandem Interactive, today.