Monday, April 20, 2009

Google's Ad Auction from Google's Chief Economist (Quality Score)

This is an excellent video from Google about the Adwords ad auction and how some of the variables like bid, click through rate, and quality score affect the price of the click.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Google Adds Small Dots to Map Results

I always encourage my clients to learn about about SEO and stay up on the latest trends and information. Larry from Hallandale Law came by my office today and pointed out a relatively new feature in Google Maps. He was searching for Hallandale Realtors and stumbled upon more information on the map. Now there are "little" dots. You can double click the little dots, see information about the listing and even see the source where Google Maps is getting the info. Pretty cool!

Local SEO Todos:
Check the map for your geocentric search terms.
Make sure you are showing up.
Poke around and make sure your site is listed on any / all of the sites where Google Maps is pulling data from.