Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ways YOU Can Help Build Your Online Links

Here at Tandem Interactive, we strive to get quality mentions throughout the internet pointed back at your site. But some content can get shared extensively on its own as it attracts users to share with their networks, who share with their networks, and so on. The potential to get your company's website out into the world is enormous. So what kind of content gets shares (i.e. links!) and can help your site grow?

Contests. This is not surprising. Contests, giveaways,  and sweepstakes, are huge in user interaction and in shares. Bonus if users get additional entries for sharing on their social networks, driving more and more people to like you and to visit your page. Contests results in links from a variety of places--not limited to blogs, social media, and news organizations.

Scholarship funding. Even a small stipend awarded to students can get you links on .edu sites (which are highly revered) and can also get you a high level of shares as people encourage others to apply for funding. Plus, you get the feel-good vibes from helping a student achieve academic success.

Become a resource. The more information your site has, the more people will refer to it, share it, and link to it as something of value for others on a particular topic. Tips and facts are great impartial articles that a variety of companies can use and include on "Resources" sections of their site.

Partner Up! Partnering with companies of a similar industry means boosting each other's names and including links to each other on your site. This goes without saying, but make sure the companies you reach out to as partners are respected and have a good reputation.

Offer an internship, or even a job. Posting about internships or employment opportunities are easy to market and share as people like to help others find work, and job boards are always looking for items to add. Post an unpaid internship in an area of your company and you can share the posting (i.e. the link) all over the web!

Remember, your website should be constantly growing. The more you put into the content on your site, the more other sites will like you, link you, and share with their audience. Don't try to take the short cut to online marketing success--the best results come from a site that has quality content, not just quantity. Quality breeds quality!