Sunday, July 22, 2007

Burger King's Simpsons Mini Web Site -

I am typing away on a Sunday night working on my presentations for next week's SEOClass Search Engine Optimization Class in NYC. The Simpsons happens to be on the TV. I noticed a commercial for Burger King that was very creatively integrating the new Simpsons Movie and their products. Then I saw it!

I was a Really big fan of their Sith Sense Mini site. I also really liked their Subservient Chicken site! So I was intrigued by what the Simpsons site had to offer.

Unfortunately, too many other people have their laptops in front of the TV and hit the site at the same time... I received a fatal error - Service Unavailable.

I waited about 20 minutes and the initial spike must have settled since I was now able to log in. I started the upload process (apparently it will convert a picture of your face into a Simpsons-esque cartoon character) and other plug for it hit the TV.

It looks like the servers are not prepared for the initial load. I tried several times with no luck. I will update this post with my Simponsized Picture and marketing feedback on this new site.

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