Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lobster Mini Season is Coming!

For those who are not familiar with Lobster Mini Season, it is a two day period where recreational divers can catch up to 12 Florida Lobsters per person per day. It is the highest employee absentee holiday in South Florida. It probably equates to the opening of hunting season in other parts of the country.

This year it falls on July 25th and 26th (2007). The Florida Fish and Wildlife Web site has up to date information on Lobster Mini Season and the Regular Season Rules and Regulations.

This holiday is a Dive Shop's dream. Actually, it is hard not to pass "Lobster Gear" in the local Walmart. (Lobster Gear usually means a net, tickle stick, and gloves)

Here are a few tips from someone who has gone out the last 10 years, well minus a year or two for bad weather.
1. Leave early and plan on being out for the day
2. Bring plenty of food and water
3. Make sure you have your up to date Saltwater Fishing License and Lobster Stamp (Now available in 5 year increments)
4. If you have not used your dive gear, service your regulators at your local dive shop
5. Make sure your tanks have been VIPed and are up to date
6. BE PATIENT - This is usually amateur hour on the water. If someone is in your spot, go somewhere else. If a boat gets to close, wave and move away from them. The ocean is a big place and everyone can have fun. Leave the tempers at home. Enjoy the day off of work and on the water!

There is nothing like watching grown men and women chasing bugs around the bottom of the ocean. It is quite comical. I hope everyone has a fun and safe mini season!

One last thing - Lobster on the BBQ!
Split the Lobster in half by twisting off the head
Cut the tail down the middle using meat shears
Brush with garlic butter and grill on both sides for about 6 minutes
The Lobster meat will peel out of the shell with ease. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

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