Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Social Media Checklist for Business

Social Media is a very powerful marketing platform for any business, but how do you know what to do? The typical business owner ask the same questions when social media is recommended for them. How do I blog? How many tweets do I send? What should I do on Facebook? What about LinkedIn? 

This is a very simple social media checklist to help any business owner with what they should be doing at minimum for these different platforms. 

Blog Post:
  • Write 3 new blog post a week
  • Have 3 targeted keywords that you include in every blog post
  • Share the blog post link on:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google +

  • Find and Like 5 new pages a week
  • Update company page status daily
  • Post about 2 interesting topics related to your business
  • Ask people to comment, like or share post

  • Re-tweet 2 interesting tweets a day
  • Follow 10 new people a week
  • Send at least 3 new tweets daily
    • Business related
    • Promotional
    • Fun & Interesting
    • Circulating the blog post

  • Update Company profile and status
  • Connect with 3 – 5 new people per week
  • Ask for 1 -2 recommendations per week
  • Follow 3 new companies

Google + :
  • Add 5 new people to your circle a week
  • Offer a Google + Hangout session for a related topic in your industry
  • Share content at least twice a day to your personal Google + profile and company page
  • Host a monthly Google + hangout for a topic your industry

  • Each month, post product images and examples of our work from our company website as pins leading back to the site
  • Follow 5 new interesting and inspiring pin boards each week from other users related to our field
  • Add 1 new board that contains at least 6 new pins each week

  • Find 3 new videos each week to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +
  • Plan a video that showcases an area of our businesses expertise
  • Have video capability at special events our business hosts or attends each month. Ask for brief interviews to post to YouTube.
This checklist should be used as a guide to help any business owner with their social media platform. These are the typical minimum requirements necessary to perform properly and see results. 

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