Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Enhanced Campaigns: What We've Noticed Thus Far

It has been a couple months since we've had the ability to upgrade existing campaigns to the new Google AdWords enhanced campaigns and have been able to experiment and make observations of the changes. While the new structure may have a positive impact for some advertisers (i.e. increased CTRs and Conversion Rates), we haven't noticed significant improvement just yet. In fact, some accounts have remained performing the same and in others there were some issues. In one of our client's account, we noticed that the company's actual phone number was being displayed on their ad instead of the Google Forwarding number (which was the setting selected). Also, the account was reaching it's daily budget a lot quicker than before.  We also had to check across accounts to make sure sitelinks were shortened as characters have decreased from 35 to 25. Overall, the enhanced campaigns do help manage accounts more simply while saving time.

What have you noticed? Please share. We'd love to hear your thoughts!


-Sara Ayala

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