Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Spring - Time to Clean out Your PPC Campaigns!

Have you kept up with your PPC campaign or is it overloaded with keywords, targeting, and promotions you don't use anymore? PPC campaigns benefit from the same attention we give our closets when it's time to replace our old belongings with something new and fresh. Especially now with the roll out of the new enhanced campaigns, your existing AdWords PPC account may need some spring cleaning. Here are three quick tips to help you brighten up your PPC account:

1. Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns
If your current account is eligible to upgrade, make the transition now and get adjusted to the new features. The set up is fast and simple. AdWords will guide you through each step once you get started. Enhanced campaigns will help you reach your audience with the right ads, based on their location and device type without having to build out and manage several separate campaigns. Google will upgrade all accounts by mid-2013.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Keywords
Sometimes we get carried away and add keywords then lose track of what is actually working. Take a look at your keyword list and delete or pause keywords with low quality scores and that are expensive and not generating any conversions. Use the search query tool to find new, relevant and high traffic keywords. 

3. Test New Ad Copy
Recycle your current ad copies and replace them with fresh content, new promotions or call to action. Enhanced campaigns do not allow phone numbers in the ad copy, therefore, make sure you take any phone numbers out and create a call extension instead. 

Keeping your account clean will improve your ad rank, increase click-through rates and help you maintain brand awareness. Remove the clutter and re-energize your campaigns! 

Good luck!


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