Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Google Furthers the Multi Device Connections and Attribtuion

Recently, I noticed on my Samsung Note II (Best phone or phablet EVER) that in my search box, there were items in my history that I did not search for on the phone. This peaked my interest and I quickly realized they were searches that I did on my desktop earlier. I was logged into Google on my Desktop and on my phone through Android.
This is significant because Google is connecting the dots between devices that we regularly use. On the analytics side of things, we know that multi device attribution is coming. Traditional cookies are the big hurdle to get over.

Thinking back to my early post on Google+,, this is another feather in the hat for Google+. If we get to an always logged into Google world, there will be other ways to track Web usage by a person regardless of the device they are on. The screenshot above is only a glimpse into how connected (and trackable) our future is!

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