Thursday, January 17, 2013

Internet Users Actively Shop on Tablets: A Study

A recent article shared data collected that found mobile Internet users find tablets to be key in e-commerce. In a study conducted by Adobe Systems, 55% of tablet owners confirmed that they use their tablets to shop online, where only 28% of smart phone users reported using their phones for m-commerce. Additionally, 44% of tablet users said shopping on their tablet was normal and recurring behavior, where only 20% of smartphone owners regularly used their phone to make purchases.

The study surveyed 1,003 adults in the United States who own a tablet and/or smartphone of any brand. The screen size of a tablet is more conducive to scanning products, comparing prices and products. Last year, tablets were the source of over half of the mobile commerce sales last year, with the tablet share of sales projected to rise in 2013. Surfing the web on a tablet isn't the only way people are buying either, they are also shopping with a preference for app-enabled purchases. Almost half of mobile shoppers are interested in switching from mobile web options to shopping through an app.

So what does this mean for you? Make sure you have a mobile-friendly site and explore the creation of an app. Tailor to each buyer as well: tablet users like more images of products, where smartphone users are often more interested in proximity--who is selling what they want nearby.

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