Wednesday, January 25, 2012

South Florida Sprinkler Service

F & S Enterprises became a client over the Summer of 2011. I mentioned at the time that I would need them at some point. This morning they delivered! I called on Monday morning to make an appointment. I asked for an early one, so I got Wednesday 8am. They called back to confirm if I wanted an estimate or repair. Since I was already comfortable with them, I said repair.

The sprinkler service / repair guy showed up right on time in a very clean, professional truck. I showed him the areas I knew there were issues. We recently had a few trees removed and they destroyed some of the main sprinkler lines!

He got right to it. Now, normally in the case of sprinklers, I am a do it yourself kind of guy. But I can also admit, when a professional should be called. He repaired two major breaks that I was aware of, and found two more. He swapped out a few sprinkler heads and then cleaned up behind himself.

I really like working with my clients when I get the chance. F &S Sprinklers did not disappoint. If you need sprinkler service in South Florida, check them out.


PS The price was right and the work was done in under two hours. Since I mention above that I really like working with clients, if you are a Pool Remodeling Contractor in Broward County, FL, Please reach out to me for a barter deal. :)

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