Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Joey's First Offshore Adventure

I got to take my Dad and Son out fishing yesterday for the first time together. Making some very long stories short - My Dad has not been out in over a year due to health issues, My Son was supposed to go out with me the past two Father's days, and I only fished twice last year due to working too much!
Everything aligned and J Pop even joined us (and did all the work!). We were targeting Wahoo first thing in the morning. We trolled over a nice school of tiny bonita and expected Mr Wahoo to come into the spread. Sure enough, the starboard outrigger popped and we were on. The initial strike and head shaking made us think we had a baracuda or skipjack tuna. Joey started reeling in his first fish.
After about 10 minutes, we saw a large hammerhead shark (figures, right? with all the Rosie nonsence lately) come cruising across the back of the boat headed towards our fish. Deciding that we didn't want to loose Joey's first fish to a shark, J Pop grabbed the rod and started cranking very quickly. The fish got bumped by the shark, but it was ok. We realized as the fish came up to the boat we had a nice sized Wahoo!!! A great gaff shot and tah dah:
We ended up catching a small keeper dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and called it a day. It was a perfect first offshore fishing trip for my Son and nice way to get my Dad back on the boat.

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