Monday, February 20, 2012 Site Relaunch - Search Success!

Sheplers reached out to me well over a year ago to analyze a platform for search engine friendliness. I will keep the results of my analysis private, but I will mention that in the research, I was very surprised to see cloaking and still ranking quite well.

A year later the site just relaunched on a new platform with almost no traffic loss and only slight ranking variations so far. That is a resounding success. The old site was awesome, the new site has more usability features built into it.

Why was the relaunch successful? They spent a year preparing with a well versed internal marketing team and some minor strategic guidance by yours truly. I am very proud to have worked with them, and wish continued success online.

I will have to write a post soon about the debacle that Copa Airlines relaunch turned into over a year ago that I was also involved in.


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