Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Co-existence of Email & Social Sites

These days, it seems social networking is everywhere. People are constantly talking about connecting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and countless other social networks, and it seems people are less frequently exchanging e-mails. However, according to a recent study, the general population isn't quite ready to say goodbye to e-mail and rely solely on social networks. In fact, the two worlds seem to be quite peacefully co-existing on the Internet. Here's a look into why social networks won't stomp out e-mail anytime soon:

*Professionally, e-mail is still the standard form of communication
*To set up a social profile, you need an e-mail address
*E-mail is the preferred method for sharing links, photos, articles, and other information with family and friends

Breaking it down unto percentages, a study found that when people find something online they wish to share--photos, websites, videos, etc, 78% of users send it through e-mail, 22% through social media; with the remaining percentage split between other less popular methods (in person, on a blog).

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