Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Google Instant vs. Regular Google

Do searchers like being interrupted by the new "instant" results, or prefer to finish their query in peace?
Google says not only is Google Instant the future of search, it also is a search prediction tool--meaning they know what you want to find before you even finish asking. Ideally, this is supposed to save you (the searcher) countless hours of finding what you are looking for. Some people really like this, claiming Google is like a crystal ball, knowing what they want and taking them straight to it rather than scrolling through pages of possibly unrelated sites.
However, some people actually have openly tweeted their hate for the feature, due to the fact that is a distraction from what you really want to find. As an example, I went to Google and typed in "blue." My number one result? Blue Martini. As in the lounge. Maybe I wanted to look at blue couches? You see, now I could be distracted into viewing a menu rather than furniture.
The anti-Instant crowd seems to be the minority though, according to this survey that Mashable conducted a few weeks ago.
What do you prefer? Google Instant or searching the good, old-fashioned way?

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