Monday, January 28, 2008

SEO 101 Training in New York

Two weeks ago I taught 4 basic SEO classes in NY. Two were in the Time Square area and two search engine optimization classes were in the Wall Street area. It is very interesting to see the different types of companies that attend these events.

The first day included a guy that suffers from "Google Paranoia". This is a disease that some of my colleagues also suffer from. It's symptoms include delusions of grandeur about how important a Web site's data is to Google, that Google will use what they learn about a Web site against them, and a complete distrust of Google. I think Google paranoia is silly unless you are Ebay or Amazon. In any case, a member of the audience sparked a debate about it.

The second day included an owner of a hair salon. I was really impressed with this. Hair dressers are realizing the value of local search marketing. He had a Web site that ranked well for months but got stale and lost its positions. Attending the class should have given him the knowledge to develop a winning strategy.

I tend to be teaching more and more SEO classes these days. The best part about it is how unique each session can be based on the attendee's questions.

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