Wednesday, August 15, 2007

GoToMyPC's Content Development Strategy

I just received an email newsletter from GoToMyPC. I have been a big fan of their product long before Citrix purchased it.

Citrix does a fantastic job of continually updating the remote pc login service and even worked out some of the bugs that Vista was causing. I have a long history with Citrix that includes an old certification on my wall for Metaframe. (That’s another story)

When I read their latest newsletter I noticed a call to “Send Us Your GoToMyPC Story”. When it comes to natural search, I am always devising brilliant (ok... they are not always spectacular, but they do work!) content development strategies. This is certainly one that I would have recommended. User generated content is not only one of the keys of Web 2.0, it makes for amazing unique keyword rich content. Plus it puts the work of generating the content on their client base's shoulders. What could be better? How many ways can Citrix writers talk about their product? This strategy can not only work as positive testimonials, but could also help increase the range of keywords that GoToMyPC ranks for. Thus it can increase their "long tail" of search.

I will even help promote it. They say in the newsletter the stories may be used in future newsletters. For it to be really useful, it should all be added to the Web site.

Submit your GoToMyPC story to:
(Include lots of keywords and a good keyword anchor text link to your Web site)

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