Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Google Content Network University - March 2010

Tandem Interactive was invited to Google's Content Network University in their NY offices. At first I thought I knew everything there was to know about the content network and did not really need to be there. But then I figured it was worth my and Chris's time to head up there for the day to see what Google was teaching about.

I do not know anywhere near what I thought I knew about the content network. Google did a really nice job with the training. There was time spent on targeting clients, new functionality, display ads, placement targeting, search retargeting, video, Youtube advertising and more!

There were some of my key take-aways:
  • On average, Adwords advertisers get 20% of their conversions from the Content Network
  • Display advertising online is on the verge of a revolution
  • Content can equate to Brand Lift
  • Ad Planner has been expanded to research the Adsense Network and the Doubleclick Network (http://www.google.com/adplanner)
  • Check out what Google thinks you like: http://www.google.com/ads/preferences
  • "Point in Time Products" typically do not perform well in content
  • Opt out of Mobile targeting if your site does not look well on mobile devices
  • Use the "Google Wonderwheel" for Keyword Themes
  • Split Text vs. Display Ads in content targeting
  • Use ALL Display Ad sizes
  • Video can create a marketplace
  • Amazing Youtube / Video Ad targeting tool http://www.google.com/videotargeting
  • Let Auto Optimization do the work for you with Conversion Optimizer
  • Search Retargeting (Search Remarketing) is the NEXT BIG THING!


wane1024 said...

Thanks for the post Joe about what you learned today. Slight clarification on Ad Planner for you.

Ad Planner provides stats on all sites in the web. Or at least the top couple million sites on the web where we have enough data to make estimates. So we actually measure much more than only Google Content Network or sites using DoubleClick.

Product Manager, DoubleClick Ad Planner

Joe Laratro said...

Thanks Wayne, much appreciated. It is an awesome tool.