Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Every Link is Sacred Song Parody

ARTIST: Monty Python
TITLE: Every Link Is Sacred
BY: Lane R. Ellis, Lead Editor,
DATE: November 7, 2007

[The PubCon Meaning of Life]

There are Googlers in the world, there are Yahoos
There are SEMs and SMMs and then
There are those that follow Larry Page, but
I've never been one of them

I'm an Organic Optimizer
And have been since before the Web was born
And the one thing they say about Organic Optimizers is
They'll index you as soon as you're warm

You don't have to be a six Pageranker
You don't have to have a great site
You don't have to have any content on
You're an Organic Optimizer the moment Berners Lee came, because

Every link is sacred
Every link is great
If a link is wasted
Cutts gets quite irate

Let the heathen waste theirs
On the dusty ground
Cutts shall make them pay for
Each link that can't be found

Every link is wanted
Every link is good
Every link is needed
In your neighborhood

Blackhat, Whitehat, Hacker
Link theirs just anywhere
But Cutts loves those who treat their
SEO with more care

Every link is useful
Every link is fine
Cutts needs everybody's
Mine, and mine, and mine

Let the spammers fake theirs
O'er mountain, hill and plain
Cutts shall strike them down for
Each link that's made in vain

By Lane R. Ellis
Lead Editor,
© 2007

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