Friday, October 26, 2007

What is 1080P?

This resource article was passed on by a friend on mine. He is rigorously researching his new Plasma TV purchase. This is an amazing and very informative article on 1080P.

On another note I have been researching HD DVD Players. I went the HD route 3 years ago. At the time HDMI was not an option on Stereo Receivers that were less than $1500. It seems that HD DVD only (at least mostly) sends the HD signal over HDMI. My entire setup is through component cables. It looks like if I go the HD DVD route, I am going to have to send the video directly to the TV and not through the receiver (the right way to do it). Oh well... After researching the "HD Up Conversion Through HDMI", I found that there is some antiquated copyright rules that do not allow HD output from DVDs through component cables. That is just downright silly!

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