Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Top Secret WebmasterWorld Meeting at WMW Headquarters in Austin, TX

(The WebmasterWorld Brass and me!)

I had the pleasure of joining a strategy meeting in Austin, TX (The Headquarters of Brett Tabke's WebmasterWorld) a few months ago. I was sworn by a blood oath not to discuss many of the elements of our strategies. I can let you know that all efforts were geared to making the next Pubcon even better than the past ones!
The dates are set! WebmasterWorld's Pubcon 2007 will be in Las Vegas, Dec 4- 7 2007. The available tracks are being expanded and fine tuned. It will be another great event for Web publishers, online marketers, and just about anyone who loves (needs) Web traffic.
As a regular moderator of the sessions, I get a good amount of feedback from attendees. We are going to do even more this year to promote networking. Since I am also a techie, I am well aware of the challenges of getting certain personality types to leave their comfort zone or crack their shell. There are lots of new friendships and business relationships to be made at Pubcon. We will do our best to faciliate that process while providing one of the most educational conference around!

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